How to Order Online with Printmystuffsg?

How to Order Online with Printmystuffsg?

Option 1: Auto
Option 2: Manual
Option 3: Express
Go to Our Website:
Whatsapp for Enquiries at +65 8753 0413
Drop us an email to printmystuff [a] with your ready artwork(s) 
Click on E-shop and select product type
Get Quotation and make payment
Make payment after we’ve checked your artwork.
Fill in Quality and quantity you need and add in your artwork file link.
Send us your artwork link / email
Delivery or Self-collection within 1-2 days
Add to Cart and Make Payment
Delivery or Self-collection within 5-12 days

Delivery or Self-collection within 5-12 days

Kindly note: There will be a surcharge for E-shop platform. 

Kindly note: There will be a surcharge for Express Order 

Preparing Print Files

We accept the following file formats:

Kindly make sure only 1 design in your file. Please remove unneeded design to avoid mistake.
Please flatten file before sending over.

Artwork Resolution Guide, click here
Print Image needs to be created with atleast 300DPI (per dot inch) or there will be substanial drop in
the image quality. Picture created at low resolution will cause the image to be jaggy and not crisp

Colour Mode

All colour artwork and images must be provided in CMYK. Any RGB colour mode submiited will be
converted to CMYK when processing the order.

To achieve solid black colour, please fill up C50, M50, Y50, K100.
To achieve print line in solid or dark colour: Please ensure selected line is not thinner than 0.25pt for
dark colour, and at least 1pt for light colour.

CMYK and RGB Guide, click here
RGB Colour mode is only used on Computer screens.

Print Size Guidelines

Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an illustrator or someone who needs to print out a design,
you’ve probably asked yourself what are the standard printing sizes are and how to prepare your files
to be print ready. This process is usually a hassle, so we made this print size guide to help you out in
the process of getting your files ready, click here.

Bleed Process Guidelines

Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to the final sizes. Please
leave minimum of 5mm gap from all sides. 

Font Guidelines

Some fonts have copyright restrictions and will not be shown as embed if you export into PDF files.
At least 7 points in size to make sure the font can look good and print well. 

Orientation Guidelines

Indicate clearly the front and back in the artwork for 2 sides prints and above with the same


- Colour in computer monitor cannot be used as colour standard.
- Proof provided by client cannot be used as colour standard.
- There will be a certain level of colour will follow Printmystuffsg colour standard. 


- We are not responsible for any misplacement, picture blur, spellings or typo error on customer’s
artwork. In short, we print what we received.

FREE Assistant

- To ensure that the files are set up correctly, talk to our team so we can help you along with things
you are not sure. Whatsapp +65 8753 0413.


We make your Prints come true!!
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WhatsApp +65 8753 0413
Printmystuff [ a ]

Please let us know if you’ve any questions or you can also read our FAQ page, click here.

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