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Foam Board is a better and cheaper mounting choice than a Photo canvas for your home decorations Photo Canvas are often said to be heavy, rigid, can be very expensive. Foam Board is strong enough to stand on its own with a stand or hanger at the back of it. Foam Board can be used in many ways, it is multi-purposed and Professionally. Can be easily mounted with graphics, posters advertisement, photos, signs or any other purpose.

Suitable for various exhibitions, events, POS displays, retail store, shopping malls or home's photo display.


5mm White Foam BoardSGD ($)
Direct Single Side - UV Matt Print
A3 - 297x420mm (per 5pcs)$65
A2 - 420x594mm (per 5pcs)$90
A1 - 594x841mm (per 5pcs)$150
A0 - 841x1189mm (per 5pcs)$190
Custom Size: 750x500mm and below (per 5pcs)$60
Custom Size: 1000x750mm and below (per 5pcs)$100
Custom Size: 1500x1000mm and below (per 5pcs)$190
A3 - 297x420mm (per 10pcs)$100
A2 - 420x594mm (per 10pcs)$130
A1 - 594x841mm (per 10pcs)$230
A0 - 841x1189mm (per 10pcs)$310
Custom Size: 750x500mm and below (per 10pcs)$150
Custom Size: 1000x750mm and below (per 10pcs)$250
Custom Size: 1500x1000mm and below (per 10pcs)$350

Foam Board Mounting AccessoriesSGD ($)
1 set of 2x Foam Board Hanger$3
1 set Foam Board Plastic Frame (Black / White)$8
1 set Magic Tape (Black / White)$8
1 set Cardboard Stand (Black / White)$10
1 set 150cm Metal Stand$12

Die-Cut OptionSGD ($)
Die-Cut for A0, A1, A2, A3 (per pcs)$50
Die-Cut for A0, A1, A2, A3 (per 10 pcs)$380
Die-Cut for Custom Size (per pcs)$70
Die-Cut for Custom Size (per 10 pcs)$550

What are the Image Requirements to Print?
Graphic in AI or PSD Single Layer format, atleast 1440dpi


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