Ultimate Guide for Print Sizes

Print Sizes Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an illustrator or someone who needs to print out a design, you’ve probably asked yourself what are the standard printing sizes are and how to prepare your files to be print ready. This process is usually a hassle, so we made this print size guide to help you out in the process of getting your files ready to hand over to your trusted printer. 

Print Size Chart
ISO Standard 
This chart gives you international standard print sizes. ISO standard print sizes are used frequently in Singapore. For example, A5 and A6 are commonly used for Wedding / Birthday Invitation Card

The sizes below are the printing standards for posters, flyers, foam boards, postcards, brochures and invitations. When setting up your design file, this chart will help you decide what file size you need to work with.

Print Size Chart
Standard Business Card Size
Business Cards nowadays come in many shapes and sizes, but the classic business card is still the preferred one for its portability - 90x54mm (3.54x2.12"). A business card should have your name and contact information on it, not much more. Be mindful of the text and its size you include. 

Standard Small Flyer
This size is equivalent to ¼ of a letter sized sheet of  A4 paper. As it is the smallest flyer size, make sure to only include only relevant information. This flyer size is commonly used to inform about offers and discounts at stores and it's exact size is A6 size - 105x148mm (4.1x5.8").

Standard Big Flyers
Equivalent to half or full size of a letter sized sheet of A4 paper - 210x297mm (8.27x11.69"), this size lets you add more information than the previous small flyer. Make sure to use different size font to give importance to information over other and choose your graphics or images carefully. Promote your event, concert or offer with this size of flyer. 

Standard Brochure Size
Equivalent to full size of a letter sized sheet of A4 paper, A bifold brochure gives you enough space to include a lot of information withe bi-fold as graphic & text divider. Use different font sizes as well as well thought out images that relate to the topic you’re talking about. 

Standard Invitation Size
Roughly the size of a postcard, the invitation size is usually reserved for events such as house warming parties, birthdays, business open house, wedding and graduations. Add important information such as date, address and contact information, if needed. 

The sizes below are the printing size idea for postcards / invitation cards. When setting up your design file, this chart will help you decide what file size you need to work with.

Photo Print Ideas & Gallery Images
Foam board & Canvas Photo Print
Take this Print size chart as a reference, but don't hesitate to send your order even if you think your image is too small. If we see a problem, we will contact you before printing. We are able to make outstanding prints even from small pictures!

Find out what are the standard print sizes and which work best for your needs:

Print Resolution Guideline 
For graphic / images at 300 dpi, you may print:
Standard Photographic Sizes – R series
2R – 635 x 889
3R – 889 x 127
4R – 102 x 152
5R – 127 x 178
6R – 152 x 203
8R – 203 x 254
S8R – 203 x 305
10R – 254 x 305
A series International Paper Sizes
A1 – 4680 x 6620
A2 – 3300 x 4680
A3 – 2340 x 3300
A4 – 2490 x 3510
A5 – 1740 x 2490
A6 – 1230 x 1740
A7 – 870 x 1230
A8 – 600 x 870
A9 – 450 x 600
A10 – 300 x 450
*Please note:
-Above sizes are in millimeters (mm).
-1 inch is 2.54 cm. Standard photographic sizes are in inches

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