FAQ Support

FAQ Support

How long will it take to get my order?
Most jobs will be sent over to Singapore from our Malaysia Factory in 4-10 working days after we send your artwork to print. The QC team from our Singapore's office will check, and finalize before it is sent out to you or self-pick by you. 

Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?
Most of the time, we will provide slightly more than you ordered, free of charge. 

What other file formats can you take?
We can take any Mac or PC version of PDF & JPG files! However if you're using Adobe Illustrator AI files or Photoshop PSD file, kindly flatten layer before sending it to us as to assure your artwork and graphic are fixed at the area you need. 

What is the difference between the RGB and CMYK color space and why does it matter?
RGB refers to the primary colors of light, Red, Green and Blue, that are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK refers to the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These are the inks used in the press in "4-color process printing", commonly referred to as "full-color printing". The combination of RGB light creates white, while the combination of CMYK inks creates black. Therefore, it is physically impossible for the printing press to exactly reproduce colors as we see them on our monitors. Be especially careful to keep backgrounds light if there is black or dark colored text over it so that the text remains readable. 

Where can I get more information on file and image resolution?
Our Resolution page has a comprehensive explanation of resolution and tips on how to properly prepare images to achieve the best quality printing.

How much does delivery cost?
Please select one:
(1) Self-collect in Singapore at Aljunied / Tampines MRT.
(2) Self-collect in Malaysia Johor at Taman Sentosa.
(3) Singpost Normal Postage +$4
(4) Singpost Registered Postage with track number +$6
(5) Doorstep Delivery (Sat 2-8pm only) +$20
PROMO NOW! FREE Doorstep Delivery (Sat 2-8pm only) - for purchase above $300!

How can I pay?
We are happy to accept payment in the form of ibanking online transfer. We require full payment before we start work. 

What is your product range?
Our Product range can be seen from the Top right bar on this website. You may click to view the rates with varies quantities. 

When I reorder, will my product be exactly the same?
That depends, do you want it to be the same? When you reorder a job, you can pick whether you want us to use the same files you uploaded before, whether you want to upload a new file. If you use the same specifications given previously, you will be able to make it same as before.

Can I cancel my order?
Your order will begin our automated production system. As we’re manufacturing something just for you, it’s not possible to cancel your order once we begin.

I’ve noticed a mistake, can I change my order?
Please check your design carefully before you finish. We offer fantastic prices but at the same time, we don’t want you to be sad because your order has any mistake. So please check all phone numbers, dates, times, addresses, prices and spelling before you order. If you spot an error after you’ve ordered, we’re sorry that we won’t be able to rectify it.
We are happy to send you a FREE pre-printed sample pack so you can see first hand the quality of our work. We will have these for you right away. Just email us to let us know you want one of this Material sample pack and we will send the samples to you by normal mail postage. You do have other options in order to expedite the process. You may choose to self-collect at our Office at Kallang, Singapore. 

Samples are preprinted jobs from other work. We include many different generic unbranded samples so you can show your customers the quality of our work.