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Leverage your Branding with our Creative Design Services. Express Your Brand and Connect With Your Desired Audience! We believe that an effective graphic design is one which sufficiently meets our clients’ needs according to the evolving needs of the marketplace and adequately displays our creativity. We achieve this through creating competent visual solutions for all marketing collateral by employing a coordinated approach that integrates graphic design, layout and typesetting to ensure a consistent message that is in line with our clients objectives. We have the ability to tap on our expertise, which is complemented by decades of experience, to sieve out the most ideal presentation and options to help clients deliver powerful messages.

We give UP-FRONT pricing for all design services, so you'll know what you're paying for your design right from the start.

Printing Design

>LITE Design

Time frame: 2 to 5 days. 
If you need a layout design created from scratch, such as text and icons. We use our design expertise and many years of experience, to create design of your needs. This includes 3 rounds of minor revisions. Starts at $180.

>BASIC Design

Time frame: 1 to 3 days. 
If you already have a logo, you have all your text content ready, and you can tell us exactly how you want your layout. Or we will reproduce an existing layout provided by you by picture. This includes 2 rounds of minor revisions. Starts at $50.

Time frame: 2 to 4 days. 
Using your branding and content. If you have all your content including text, graphics, and pictures, but are not sure how you want it put together, we'll do 1 layout choice. This includes 3 rounds of minor revisions. Starts at $80.


Time frame: 5 to 7 days. 
If you need a design created from scratch, such as text and graphics such as vectors and drawings. We use our design expertise and many years of experience, to create an eye-catching design. This includes 3 rounds of minor revisions. Starts at $300.

"Using the correct line of advertising, even the smallest of companies can wow audiences and leave their mark on the world."

Tell Us about your preferred Project style:

Less is always more when it comes to design, so keep it minimal.

Your logo is clear and recognisable when placed in a huge billboard or a small pamphlet

It must reflect your business so your audience can properly relate your business to your logo

Your logo must be original and capable of displaying the spirit of your company.

If you've your own style preference, please share it with us:

What is your preferred Font?
Choose a font that reflects the tone and feel of your business!

What is your preferred Vector Icon's style?
Make sure that your icon and any text are correctly sized to ensure a unified look for your logo.

What is your preferred Colour?
Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%, so choosing the right color palette is vital to making your logo and forging your brand

What is your preferred Layout?
Some of the most effective icons are simple. Play around with simple shapes and lines and you may be surprised with what you may come up with.

"A strong brand is your vehicle to success. If done the correct way, your brand has the power of captivating customers and winning them over for life."

Awesome Graphic & Print Design services:

>Logo / Branding / Event Design
>Wedding Invitation Card
>Food Menu
>Corporate Gifts
>And more…


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