Ways To Engage Customers With Physical Mail

Nearly every business is focusing on digital marketing these days – as they should. Email, social media, video and blog posts are all effective and viable ways to reach a consumer base that would sooner dictate notes to their smartphone than whip out a notepad and pen.

1. Be exclusive.

We use physical mail to invite top prospects to our events or to become members. Cutting through the noise of a C-level executive’s inbox is a constant challenge. A well-timed, well-designed, physical mail piece helps us stand out. Use exclusivity to entice the recipient to your website. Make them feel special.

2. Get dimensional.

If you want your mail to be opened, be remembered and, best of all, elicit a response, send a box that arrives via UPS, FedEx, etc. It’s like receiving a gift! People will throw away envelopes in a heartbeat, but a dimensional package will be opened right away and engaged with. With simple, compelling messaging and a product sample, a dimensional package will be a home run.

3. Use social media to find your perfect target recipients.

One way we like to use physical mail is for surprise and delight. We often find users on social media complaining about not getting a good night’s sleep or being tired at work, so we will message them for their mailing address and send gifts – anything from a sleep mask to a memory foam pillow or even a mattress. This helps us remain top of mind for the consumer.

4. Printed in customized fonts, Make it looks like handwritten.

While it’s nice to receive a thank-you email, it’s more sincere to receive print mail that is addressed by hand. Take five minutes out of your day to handwrite your clients or customers a thank-you card. A simple yet authentic handwritten gesture such as this will surpass any digital card or email, and will allow you to connect with others on a more personal level.