How to Create Liquid Foil Card with PrintMyStuffSG

If you are ordering Liquid Foil cards or stickers, you will need to set up your design files appropriately.

Here's a guide on how you can do it yourself for the files setup, or if you like us to set up for you, please request via email at

Step 1: CMYK Files

Convert your files to CYMK and sure your Graphic size is 90x54mm / 9x5.4cm for namecard.Graphic in JPG or PSD format, atleast 300dpi for a better and clear resolution.

Step 2: Define Separation

For this step, we will create a colour base file for the separation . This can be done in many ways in your design program – by setting up new layers, defining a new layer or creating a separate file.
The areas for treatment (spot white backing) Anything that appear on Liquid Foil card will become shiny if you do not do spot white backing for your graphic. The graphic need to be defined in black ink, and areas for no treatment will be transparent. The black colour used must be CMYK Black only – with no grey colours, or other inks.

For the best outcome, and easiest process, we recommend creating the design in vector-format - such as in Adobe Illustrator (AI files). Best preferred to be Export as .PNG file. 
K100 Black
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

Step 3: Export Separation

We suggest double-checking the alignment of the separation to the original CMYK artwork (created in the previous step) before proceeding. Export each separation as a press-ready PDF/PNG/JPG file. Use the following naming conventions for your files.

TypeFile NameExample (Front)
Liquid Foil (single side)Foil_1Set1_Foil1.pdf
Liquid Foil (double side)Foil_2Set1_Foil2.pdf

Each different treatment will need to be defined in a different separation file. For example, if you are setting up one order for Liquid Foil, you will need Liquid Foil files. For multiple sets, use the same naming convention but change the set number as appropriate (ie. “Set2_Front.pdf”, "Set2_Back.pdf" etc.).

Step 4: Display Liquid Foil Colour

Each different Liquid foil colour will need to be defined in a different CYMK colour. For example, if you are setting up the colour for the Namecard below:

It is CMYK: 100, 100, 75, 0.

For the side with no Liquid Foil treatment, you may set your card as per normal to 300dpi in resolution

Step 5: Email us to order!


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