5 Steps Startups Should Follow When Designing a Logo

A logo is an face of your organization / company. It communicates who you are, what your company stand for, and, together with your company name, it is the first impression for your potential customers.
All businesses need a sign in the market to signify them and their offers, and it is call branding.
This is particularly important for young companies. Since you’re starting out, so you have to make sure your logo and branding already convey the spirit of your company. Making a great impression goes a long way. A shoddy, clip-art logo would tarnish a non-existent reputation, and a well-crafted one would communicate just how professional, focused, and unique a company and its team behind.
When designing your logo, here are some keypoints to note:

1. Be unique

Your logo should set your company apart. Says it's a Good Brand, do your research to make sure nothing looks like it. Otherwise, it would look like a rip-off, especially if it’s from a company in the same industry.

2. Cater to your target audience

Your logo should speak the language of your potential customers. Know who they are and craft your logo in a way that would resonate with them. Make sure, “It attracts the right customers to you, which will help you clinch those sales.” 

3. Keep it simple and flexible

People shouldn’t have to work too hard trying to figure out what your logo is about. Some of the most iconic ones ever created – Nike, Apple, and McDonalds, for instance – have this in common: they’re simple, clean, and uncluttered.
Also consider how it would look on different social media platforms and website – Ideally, your logo should be simple and flexible enough that translates between its many possible placements and positions.
Avoid gradients if you’re being practical, “since those take more colors and processes to produce, and are not as flexible when it comes to printing of invoices or embroidered on T-shirts.

4. Consider cost and time commitment

It’s typical for a start-up to have limited funds and be under pressure to scale rapidly. As such, money and time could be a concern.
However when looking to get your logo created, there are many options to go with – DIY, get a freelancer, or even Fiverr.
Keep in mind, good designs takes time.

5. Don’t lose sight of the big picture

Of course, your logo is just one aspect of your brand. Logos have changed over time. They were the be-all and end-all, but no longer. As technology, retail, and service channels have expanded in ability to influence, the system around logos has arguably become more important.

Other than Logo Design, namecards design and materials are extremely important too!

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