8 Trends in 2018 in the Printing Industry!

The printing industry is one of the top industries and plays an essential role in communication between a business and its consumers. Printing is recreating visual texts and images with the use of a graphics design or layout. Printing suppliers are identified according to the type of consumers they serve, the kinds of projects they print and produce, and the printing tools they use.

The printing industry is successful in some areas while in others, professionals need to come up with innovative strategies and use the latest technology to make it successful. The major reason for a setback is increased digitalization. This is why printers need to deal with the issue innovatively.

Below are a few printing trends that gained popularity throughout 2018:

Personalized packaging
Personalized packaging is one of the most popular printing trends and is expected to become more popular in the coming years. Many brands have welcomed the trend of personalized packaging. It helps in attracting new customers and keeping old customers engaged in branding tactics. This, in turn, allows them to increase brand loyalty.

Natural Hues
Inspired by the rich tones found in nature, many people love designs with Natural texture such as wood grains and luxury earthy colours, bringing a different touch of elegance to any project. It is a new trend to focus on technology that provides with eco-friendly prints as well. Apart from that, it is also becoming increasingly important to use natural palettes for big posters. This is because these help in conveying their message about their environmentally friendly options. These also evoke feelings of hope and transformation. It has become very common to use colours like floral pinks, yellows, oranges and earthy browns.

Foil Printing
For a shiny, 3d holographic look, order Liquid Foil Namecards & Stickers . Liquid Foil printing is equivalent Popular as Hot stamp although it is New in the printing industry and very less Printing Supplier have this supply. Most of the traditional printers, print Gold and Silver Hotstamp foil only and these are the process of heating up a colour foil that melts onto the paper of your name card to create an amazing metallic finish. These special name cards print effects make your business really stand out from the crowd.

Retro Designs
Recently using retro colour combinations and designs has become all the rage. This is reflected not only in colours and designs but also in the materials used for printing. Most costumers feel nostalgic when something evokes old memories. This is especially Popular for Wedding Invitation Cards designs.

Environment-friendly practices
Most consumers have a misconception regarding the printing industry. They believe that a lot of material is wasted and that leads to increased pollution. The truth is, paper products can easily be recycled as compared to any other material. Another misconception is printing on papers is the main reason of deforestation. However, this has been alleviated by the process of reforestation.

Commercial Customised Stationeries
Printing Suppliers commonly prints an array of merchandise – from stationery to magazines. Branding your name or logo on stationary is extremely important for your business. It is what separates the more detail orientated companies from the ones who overlook the minor aspects of the business. It is a small thing that can boost your business in a way that you wouldn't believe.

Offset Printing
These days offset printing is considered the most commonly used method for a variety of print products like namecards, books, magazines, stationery, corrugated board, and posters. It's rather Popular due to its Fast and simple creation of printing plates, nevertheless value for money. Offset printing is the least expensive technique for creating top quality prints in industrial volumes.

Spot UV on Namecards
A clear and shiny coating, to your Smooth Matte Laminate or Semi Gloss Business Cards for an extra punch! Spot UV is an added layer of gloss coating that brings out the most important elements of your namecard design. Ofcourse with so many possibilities, you can even create a beautiful subtle pattern as a background image that will glimmer in the light. Most people love the contrast between the underlying finish and the shiny Spot UV layer is a truly eye-catching addition to Business Cards!


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